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Optional Pre-Conference Tutorials, 20 March
30th Global Ink Jet Printing Conference, 21 March
30th Global Ink Jet Printing Conference, 22 March

30th Global Ink Jet Printing Conference, 21 March

Wednesday, 21 March

08.00 - 18.00

Registration and Information

09.00 - 10.00

HP Scalable Printing Technology
Ross Allen, HP Technologist, R & D, Hewlett Packard Company

  • Explosive growth and new market opportunities in office and industrial printing
  • Emergence of new printing solutions and technology innovations
  • Innovations: HP Scalable Printing Technology: introducing HP Edgeline Technology - page width printing
  • Printing advances in performance (high throughput at high print quality), print and document management, and lower running costs

10.00 -11.00

Keynote: Memjet, A 1600 npi Pagewidth Ink Jet Technology Which Features Cost Competitiveness With Scanning Inkjet In Home, Office, And Wide Format Applications
Kia Silverbrook, Chairman and CEO, Silverbrook Research Pty. Ltd.

  • Company background
  • Technology description: how high density of nozzles and low cost per nozzle is achieved
  • Comparison with other digital printing technologies
  • Range of applications
11.00 11.30 Refreshment Break
  Track 1: Office and Supplies Track
Track 2: Industrial Track

11.30 -12.15

Ink Jet Supplies Overview and Update
Norah Seery, Director, Communication Supplies Consulting Service Europe, InfoTrends Ltd
  • Ink jet hardware update
  • What's new in ink jet media and inks?
  • How are user printing habits changing? What are the big influences?

How Fast will Ink Jet Go?
Steve Temple, Technical Director, Xaar
  • Frequency
    • Pumping rate
    • Data Rate
    • Drying and curing
  • Resolution
    • Drop sizes
    • Film thickness
  • Printing
    • Linear and area rates
  • Manufacturing
    • Volume rate
  • Cost

12.15 - 13.00

Dye or Pigment - Horses for Courses?
Stewart Partridge, Business Unit Director - Digital Inks, Nazdar

  • Brief review of dye and pigment ink technologies
  • Colour issues: gamut, stability, light fastness, test procedures
  • Distinguishing branding and marketing hype from technical reality
  • Ink versus toner - any contest?
  • Does application govern system choice?
  • Future developments in ink jet ink technologies

Recent developments within the OEM printhead market and future trends
Howard Baldwin, Vice President of Sales, FUJIFILM Dimatix (Spectra Ink Jet Heads)
  • The Piezo Playing Field
  • New organization at FUJIFILM Dimatix (formerly Spectra)
  • Emergence of new applications for Piezo Electric
  • Will Wide Format and Digital Press products evolve into Single Pass Wide Format
13.00 - 14.30 Lunch  
  Track 1: Office and Supplies Track
Track 2: Industrial Track

14.30 - 15.15

Environmental Issues in Office Printing
David Connett, Publisher, The Recycler Ltd
  • Does green really matter? Does anybody care?
  • What are the environmental issues in ink and toner?
  • Modern research on environmental printing issues
  • Getting greener or forget global warming!
New Implementations for Single Pass Ink Jet Printing on the Horizon
Rob Haak, Managing Director, SPIKIX BV
  • State of the Industry
  • Single Pass ink jet technologies
  • Integration challenges
  • Innovative applications
  • Future integrations

15.15 - 16.00

Ink Jet cartridge market the icing on the cake
Pascal Bollon, Worldwide Director of IT, Office and Telecommunications Tracking, Gfk
  • Products and markets what is driving what?
  • OEM cartridge marketing how OEMs are trying to encourage consumers to stay loyal
  • Flooded with choice - recent developments in the compatibles market, and their impact
  • In the end, it's all about channels
Inks Present Achievements and Future Developments
Peter Walshe, Business Development Manager, SunJet
  • How ink jet and ink have evolved together
  • Current and future technology
  • UV Cationic vs. Free Radical
  • The return of hot melt?
  • Developments in DOD ink jet inks

16.00 - 16.30

Refreshment Break
  Track 1: Office and Supplies
Chair: Tony Harris, Chief Technology Officer, Software Imaging
Track 2: Wide Format Printing
Chair: Meyer Weiss, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, InteliCoat Technologies
Track 3: Narrow Format and Specialty Printing
Chair: Fred Noll, Sales Director, VIP Color
16.30 - 17.15 Cebit -The Death of the Tradeshow?
Tony Harris, Chief Technology Officer, Software Imaging
  • Report from CeBIT
  • Review and comparison of earlier years
  • Tradeshow research versus the internet - any contest?
  • The future of tradeshows?
Wide Format Ink Jet: Adding Value Locally in a Global Growth Market
Michael Flippin, President, Web Consulting
  • Global wide format ink jet market size
  • Ink jet technology trends and platform advantages
  • Discussion of flatbeds, inkjet printing on fabric: why and why not
  • Foresight of this market in 2010
Tends and Opportunities in the World of Labels
Mike Fairley, International Consultant, Labels & Labelling Consultancy / Tarsus Group
  • Global and regional growth trends for labels
  • Growth by label type and technology
  • Forecasts for RFID label usage
  • New opportunities with smart active and intelligent labels (including the future with nanotechnology)
  • The rise and rise of digital printing in label production
17.15 - 18.00 The Market Opportunity for Office Colour Ink Jet and Laser
Larry Jamieson, Director, Hard Copy Industry Advisory Service, Lyra Research
  • Worldwide market forecasts for office ink jets and low-end colour printers and MFPs
  • Price/performance analysis - which has the better figures?
  • End user perception of the benefits of ink and toner
  • Print quality analysis - which printers offer acceptable colour?
  • First SPT, now Edgeline - how will this affect colour in the future?
Currentt and Future Markets for UV Curing Ink Jet
Bill Baxter, CEO, Inca Digital
  • Current markets for UV Curing ink jet
  • What we expect in the next five years
  • What is preventing faster take-up of the technology
Memjet™ Technology: Will It Replace Thermal and Ink Jet Label Printing?
Sean Marske, Chief Executive Officer, Memjet Labels Inc
  • What is Memjet and why is it so promising?
  • Can new Memjet printing technology transcend all current imaging methods?
  • What about other new printing technologies for label printing?
  • Compare major printing performance metrics for Barcode, POS, Colour-on-demand, and more

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18.00 - 19.30

Cocktail Reception